CBC Choirs

CBC Sanctuary Choir – This choir has an open enrollment to all church members aged 18+ and leads in worship every 1st Sunday morning in the 11:00 service by supporting Praise and Worship, congregational singing, as well as, delivering a Worship and Arts moment. This choir also presents music on special occasions and for special services (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Summer Concert). 

Rehearsal is on Tuesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.


Praise and Worship Team

The Praise and Worship Team of Central Baptist Church’s primary role is to glorify God by enhancing our congregational worship on a weekly basis. This is a group of auditioned instrumentalists and vocalists who support our congregational singing in 11:00 Sunday morning worship service as well as for special events. 

Rehearsal is  at 6:00 PM on Tuesday Evenings and at 9:30 PM on Sunday Mornings.

Liturgical Dance

We'll have more information about this ministry soon!