Adult Sunday School

There is no better way to prepare for Sunday morning service than fellowshipping for Bible study.  We commonly alternate between an Old Testament and a New Testament book.  Our times together allow for deep understanding of the text being studied, great dialogue between students and teachers, and substantive applications to challenge you during the week.  Once your mind has been primed in Sunday school, you will be ready for Sunday morning service.

Children's Sunday School

You will encounter a team of dedicated Christians who seek to assist parents, members of CBC and the Upper West Side Community, in leading their children to Christ and developing a lasting relationship with God in our Sunday School classes.  The students learn to creatively share with others the GOOD NEWS!

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday from 9:30–10:30 AM before the Worship Service.  A breakfast/snack is provided for those who arrive between 9:15 – 9:30 AM.

Sunday School participates in the following activities:

  • During CBC’s Missions Conference in October, supported missionaries attend and/or share their field experiences with the students in their own classes.
  • Students are provided the opportunity to apply for Camp Pinnacle Summer Camp Scholarships
  • Family in-door picnics, games (i.e., “Are you smarter than a Sunday School student?”), arts & crafts activities
  • Vacation Bible School

Children's Church

The 4-year-old is in the nursery and the 7- & 9-year-olds go to church with you.  During praise and worship your children sing and clap along to the music and you think to yourself, “Wow! This is really going well.”  The preacher stands and the fidgeting begins…the 7-year-old keeps begging to play with your cell phone and the 9-year-old is struggling to find the best sleeping position.  After service you ask, “What did you learn today?”  The response, “Nothing, that was boring.”  If this sounds familiar, our ministry is here to serve you!  We desire to be partners with you on your child’s spiritual journey.

Children’s church serves ages 6 – 12 years and is held during the 11:00 a.m. service on 3rd & 4th Sundays.

  1. Our ministry provides spiritual guidance using the Bible to help young people build a lifelong relationship with God.
  2. We aim to teach children in a way that is fun and interactive.
  3. We use scripture and stories to encourage and reinforce Godly living their every day lives.