Wednesday Night Bible Study

Consider this your mid-week tune-up!  While Sunday morning classes are almost exclusively focused on Biblical study, Wednesday nights allow us to engage a variety of topics.  Past classes have included in-depth study of Hosea, theology and apologetics regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, opportunities to understand the sociology and culture of ancient Israel and the Roman Empire and many, many more!  Wednesday Nights at Central are a great opportunity to have an open and free-flowing conversation with deep and rich teachings guaranteed to make the Scriptures come alive in your life.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life is a basic course of 18 lessons on the foundations of the Christian life and how to live the "Abundant Life" offered by the Lord.  It is a self-study course, which uses programmed instruction so that students can do the lessons alone at home.  

Personal study is complemented and deepened by regular meetings with a trained Counsellor from Central Baptist Church.  It is ideal for discipling new believers or reinforcing basic teaching with more mature believers.  Class sizes are usually less than 10 people, which allows for very personal and rich interaction.  Many people who take Abundant Life classes create close friendships which last a life time.

The course has been used with much blessing by tens of thousands of students from different denominations in many countries around the world. Abundant Life has been translated into more than 70 languages.  At Central Baptist Church, we offer our Abundant Life class at numerous times throughout the year.


URBACAD (short for “Urban Academy”) offers discipleship and leadership training for everyone who is serious about serving Jesus Christ. Our program uses principles and materials developed overseas for training pastors and leaders. It enables congregations to develop their own leadership for ministry in their own neighborhoods.

The Life of Christ Series is a three-year ministry training program (six semesters of 13 weeks each).

Our three-pronged learning approach includes (1) Home Study, preparing workbook materials before class; (2) Weekly Seminars, led by a trained group leader, emphasizing group discussion without lecturing; and (3) Practical Ministry Assignments, based on materials learned in the seminar.

What is the purpose of Urbacad?

Urbacad (Urban Academy) seeks to stimulate dynamic ministry at the local level by training men and women in serious Biblical study and theological reflection, leadership and character development, and ministerial skill formation